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Deploy Seafile Server Through Docker

A tutorial on how to deploy your own Seafile server using Docker.

Pfsense Lecture - Limit Internet Speed Of Specific Hosts

Limit a computer's bandwidth to the internet, so the rest of your household don't get starved.

GitLab - Create A Project Access Token

Learn how to create a token that grants limited access to a specific project.

GitLab - Create A Personal Access Token

Generate a personal access token that will grant a service the ability to perform certain actions as if they were you.

Htaccess Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for htaccess.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Upgrade Kernel (HWE)

Install the latest (HWE) kernel on Ubuntu 20.04.

A Really Basic GitLab Pipeline To Build And Deploy A Docker Image

A simple CI/CD pipeline that will get you something simple/basic in place that you can the "build" (pun intended) upon. This way there isn't a steep learning curve.

Lecture - CI/CD on AWS with CodePipeline and Terraform

A timestamped video walkthrough from "Davo'clock" on creating a CI/CD Pipeline to maintain and update AWS infrastructure with Terraform.

GitLab - Add Pipeline Variable

Set variables for your CI/CD pipelines in GitLab.

GitLab - Find Project's ID

Find your GitLab project's ID

Gitlab - Disable Automatic DevOps Pipelines

Disable the "Auto DevOps" on new projects in Gitalb

Deploy Hoppscotch API Request Builder

Deploy the Hoppscotch tool, a beautifal API request builder that's an alternative to Postman/Rester.

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