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Deploy Semaphore With Docker

Instructions on how to deploy Semaphore through Docker.

Tweak Webcam Settings In The CLI

Learn how to manipulate your webcam's settings through the CLI, in order to adjust the picture/stream.

Passbolt - Download Keys

A quick guide on how to download your public/private OpenPGP keys.


SSHing Into Servers Using Signed Temporary Certificates

Learn how to create OpenSSH certificates that grant a user temporary SSH access to a server.

HashiCorp Vault - Enable Username/Password Authentication

A quick guide to enabling username/password based authentication in Vault.

Send Emails In A Docker Container Using MSMTP

Learn how to send emails from within a Docker container through the use of MSMTP.


Ubuntu 22.04 - Install PHP 8.3

Commands to install PHP 8.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 using Ondrej PPA.

Composer - Please Don't Use --ignore-platform-reqs Flag

A dmonstration video of why I believe you should not use the `--ignore-platform-reqs` composer command flag.


What's New In PHP 8.3

Learn about what's new in PHP 8.3.

Performance benchmark of PHP runtimes From Dzmitry Kazbiarovich

Sharing a performance benchmark article written by Dzmitry Kazbiarovich on PHP runtimes.

Install Skype

Instructions on how to install Skype in Debian / Ubuntu.

Install FFmpeg 6 On Ubuntu 22.04

Learn how to easily install FFmpeg 6 on Ubuntu 22.04

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