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Install K3s Agent On Ubuntu 20.04

Set up a Kubernetes agent on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install K3s Server On Ubuntu 20.04

Install K3S on Ubuntu 20.04.

Debian 10 - Set Up Nginx Load Balancer For Kubernetes

Set up a load balancer on Debian 10 for a Kubernetes cluster.

Debian 10 - Set Up MariaDB Database For Kubernetes

Tutorial on setting up MariaDB to act as your data store for Kubernetes.

Terraform - Create an Elastic Container Registry

Sample code for creating an elastic container registry where you can push/pull your Docker images.

Terraform Example - Adding HTTPS Listener

Adding support for HTTPS listeners in Terraform example.


AWS - Add SSL Certificate And Get ARN For Load Balancer

Manually upload an SSL certificate to AWS, and get the ARN so that you can feed it into Terraform.

Lecture - High Availability K3s (Kubernetes) in minutes!

A timestamped video on how to set up a Kubernetes cluster with the use of K3s.

Debian 10 - Install GlusterFS 8

Install GlusterFS 8 on Debian 10.

Use PostgreSQL To Store Terraform State

Configure Terraform to use a shared PostgreSQL server to hold the terraform state and implement locks.

Create A WiFi Access Point Using Netplan

Create a WiFi access point using netplan.

Create Nemo Action - Open In Terminator

Create a custom action for the Nemo file browser in order to open up the location in Terminator.

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