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Ubuntu 22.04 - Install Latest Mesa Version Using PPA

Learn how to install the latest mesa graphics updates using a PPA.

Debian 12 Cloud Init Docker Server

An example cloud init configuration file for Debian 12 with Docker.

FFmpeg - Extract Keyframe Indexes

Learn how to extract the indexes of a video's keyframes.

Teams - Fix 'Classic Teams will soon be unavailable for use' message.

Fix the warning that "Classic Teams will soon be unavailable for use".

Introduction to Open vSwitch (OVS)

A timestamped introduction video to Open vSwitch from David Mahler.

Keycloak Is Awesome! (Jim's Garage)

A timestamped video from Jim's Garage on deploying and integrating with Keycloak.

Uptime Kuma - Configure Push Monitor

Learn how to configure a "push monitor" in Uptime Kuma, and why this is particularly useful.

Creating Full ZFS Clones in Proxmox

Learn how to create "full clones" of virtual machines in Proxmox, when they are configured to use ZFS storage.

Interactive Diagrams With

Learn how to create interactive diagrams with Flow Animation

Learn how to create animated edges in

Proxmox Snapshots

Details about snapshotting in Proxmox.

Proxmox Example Network Config With VLANs

An example network config for Proxmox, which makes use of vLANs so I don't forget and have something to refer to.

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