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Install Filebeat

How to deploy filebeat on Ubuntu 18.04

Deploy Elastic Search With Docker

Deploy Elastic Search using Docker.

ClamAV Antivirus Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Clam AV

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Shutter

Install Shutter tool on Ubuntu 20.04

Enabling Maintenance Site In Apache

Use Apache commands to switch from serving up your site to a maintenance site you have ready to go.

Lecture - Making Websites With October CMS - Part 03 - Creating Themes

Timestamped video on creating themes for October CMS

Using Jwilder Nginx Reverse Proxy With Wildcard SSL Certificate

How to deploy jwilder/nginx-proxy container when you are using a wildcard SSL.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Docker

Install docker engine on Ubuntu 20.04

Kerberos Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using Kerberos

Lecture - Making Websites With October CMS - Part 05 - Builder Plugin Overview

A timestamped youtube video explaining how to build a plugin for October CMS using the builder plugin.

Setting Up A Hetzner Dedicated Server KVM

A post on how to set up KVM on a Hetzner dedicated server, resolving issues with setting up the networking.

Ubuntu 18.04 - Deploy Samba Active Directory

Deploy an Active Directory (AD) using SAMBA.

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