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Python - Iterate Over Massive JSON Files

Get started with processing massive JSON files by iterating over them without having to load the entire thing into memory.

Python - Validate JSON

Learn how to validate JSON in Python using a JSON schema.

Lecture - Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial

A timestamped video tutorial on Jenkins pipelines.

Remove Snap System From Ubuntu

Remove the snap system from Ubuntu.

Setting Up Google 2FA on PHP

Get started with using 2FA in PHP with Google Authenticator.

Generating HTML Docs For JSON Schemas

Learn how to automatically generate web-based documentation for your JSON schema files.

PHP - Working With Large JSON Files

A tutorial on how you can work with extremely large JSON files in PHP

Using Certbot Docker Image

Use the certbot docker image to generate Lets Encrypt SSL certificates.

Lecture - Quickest Way to Create REST API in Java with Spring Boot

A lecture to get started really quickly with Spring Boot.

Set Up Jitsi Server

Set up your own Jitsi server for hosting your own VOIP calls.

Gitlab Pipeline - Environment Builds

Have a single set of "build" and "deploy" steps in your pipeline, but run different actions based on your environment.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Driver For PiAEK USB Wifi Adapter

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