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Deploying PhpServerMon With Docker

Learn how to deploy the open source PHP Server Monitor tool in order to monitor the uptime of your websites and be alerted when they go offline.

PostgreSQL - The RETURNING Clause

Learn about the "RETURNING" clause in PostgreSQL.

Good Information Sources / Blogs

A list of useful information sources/blogs that one may wish to browse for information when wanting to find out something new.

FFmpeg - Too many packets buffered for output stream

"Fix" the issue with getting the error message "Too many packets buffered for output stream" when trying to process a video in FFmpeg

FFmpeg - Split Video Into Chunks

Learn how to use FFmpeg to split a video up into equitably sized chunks, with no overlap.

Laravel Cheatsheet - Models, Factories, and Database Queries

A cheatsheet for Laravel covering the topics of models, factories, and database queries.

FFmpeg - Create Smooth Videos With Frame Interpolation

Create smooth videos with FFmpeg by creating interpolated frames with the use of a filter.

Laravel 5 Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for using Laravel 5.

Laravel - Use UUID For Model ID

This tutorial will show you how you can quickly add a UUID trait, which you can then add to your models, so that they are using a UUID for their primary key/identifier.

Ubuntu 20.04 - Add Exfat Support

Adds support for exfat filesystem on Ubuntu and use it to format a partition.

Open Jupyter Notebooks Using Docker

Open a Jupyter notebook using Docker.

LibreOffice Calc - Conditional Formatting

Apply conditional formatting rules in LibreOffice Calc.

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