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Install LibreWolf on Debian Based Distros

Instructions on how to Install LibreWolf on Debian based distros.

Firefox - Show Scrollbars

Learn how to show scrollbars in Firefox by disabling overlay scrollbars.

Install Firefox From APT Repository

Learn how to install Firefox from its APT repository, so you don't have to use shitty snaps!

Firefox - Add Different Search Using Keyword

Learn how to configure Firefox, so that you can prefix your URL bar search with a keyword, in order to search a different search engine, such as Duckduckgo, or this blog.

Firefox - Configure To Show Full URL

Learn how to configure Firefox to always show the full URL, rather than hiding things like "http://".

Firefox - Compact Mode

Enable compact density in Firefox.

Firefox - Using Multiple Profiles

Use the power of profiles in Firefox to make managing your multiple identities much easier.

Firefox - Webrender

Enable WebRender in Linux.

Debian 9 - Install Latest Firefox

Install a much later (faster) version of Firefox in Debian 9.

Ubuntu 16.04 - Install Firefox Nightly

Install and run Firefox nightly in order to see the benefits that will eventually make it into the released version.

Firefox - Change Number Of Content Processes

Firefox - Check Multiprocessing Support

Resolve Firefox Slow Startup

Discover a workaround to ensure opening up Firefox is always almost instant.

Firefox 50 - Tab Cycling

Customize Websites With Dotjs

Useful Firefox Addons

A list of some useful Firefox addons that I personally use and recommend.