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Firefox - Webrender

Firefox 67 is already out and one of the big new features is WebRender.

It is disabled by default on Ubuntu but the steps below will show you how you can get it working.

After having force-enabling webrender. Firefox just seems more jerky/buggy than before with no benefits. Hopefully better support will come to Linux users int he future. I'm pretty sure that only windows users will see the benefits for now.


  1. Go to about:config in Firefox.
  2. Accept the risk of dragons.
  3. Set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true
  4. Set gfx.webrender.all to true
  5. Close and re-open Firefox
  6. Go to about:support in your URL
  7. You will see WEBRENDER set to available by user: Force enabled by pref and WEBRENDER_QUALIFIED set to blocked by env: No qualified hardware


Last updated: 27th July 2020
First published: 22nd May 2019