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Firefox - Add Different Search Using Keyword


In firefox, one typically performs a search by just typing the search keywords into the URL bar. This will perform a search using your default search engine, which is probably set to google.

However, you may wish to specifically search a different place such as this blog, ebay, or a Duckduckgo image search etc. It would be convenient if we could just prefix our search with a keyword, to tell the browser to perform the search using those sites instead. This tutorial will show you how to do just that.

In This Post


Right click on the form field that performs the search (1) and click Add a Keyword for this Search... (2).

Enter the keyword (1) you wish to start your searches with in order to perform the search against the search you are setting up.

In this case I have used "pb" to represent Programster's Blog. This is because "pb" is very short and quick to type, and unlikely to be the start of an actual search I would want to use on a normal Google search.

Test / Practice

Now let's test that this worked by going to a different site, and performing a search using our new keyword (1). In this case I am using the keyword I configured earlier (pb) in order to perform a search of "zabbix".

You can see that this has taken me to the site, and searched for "zabbix" as I desired (1), resulting in Zabbix results showing up (2).

Removing / Editing

If you wish to change the keyword, or delete it, then go to your bookmarks (Ctrl + Shift + O)

Go to the Bookmarks Toolbar (1) and select the search item you added from the list (2). Now you can either edit the details (3), or press the delete key to remove the search bookmark.

Last updated: 22nd July 2023
First published: 22nd July 2023