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Useful Firefox Addons

Below is a list of the extensions that I use for reference whenever I am setting up a new computer.

  • DownThemAll - a download manager for Firefox. This thing is probably the best extension ever made.
  • HTTPS Everywhere - Automatically redirect to the https version of sites if one is available. This can prevent third parties injecting malicious content into your traffic or monitoring you.
  • Close to Tray - Minimizes or closes windows to the system tray (Linux users should use FireTray instead).
  • FireTray - Linux users need this instead of Close To Tray because for them, Close to Tray doesn't work on Linux.
  • Tab Groups - Allows you to group tabs, but most importantly, you can press ctrl-shift-e to view all of your tabs in a single window and easily close them.
  • RESTer - Good for testing API endpoints. I used to use Postman, but one day it screwed me and made all my work inaccessible unless I paid them, so I stopped using them.
  • Save Screenshot - Allows you to screenshot an entire webpage.

The following extensions are really useful but will slow down Firefox startup and page loading.

  • uBlock Origin seems to be a faster than adblock plus at blocking adverts.
    • Adblock Plus - The ad blocker everyone knows and an alternative to uBlock origin.
  • Ghostery - block content that would track you.

Not Yet Supported In Quantum

The quantum update did a lot to improve the performance of Firefox, but it has resulted in some addons needing to be updated before they will work again in Firefox. The addons below don't yet work, but may have been fixed since I last updated this post.

  • Downthemall - Accelerates downloads and allows you to pause/resume them.
  • FireFTP - useful if you need to interact with an FTP server and don't want to download and install Filezilla.
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter - check addons are compatible with multiprocessing.

User Feedback

If you have and recommendations, please put them in the comments.

Last updated: 10th July 2020
First published: 16th August 2018