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ClamAV Antivirus Cheatsheet

sudo apt-get install clamav clamav-daemon

If you want a GUI:

sudo apt-get install clamtk

Update Signatures

sudo freshclam

Memory Usage

When running this against one of my small servers, I noticed it would run out of memory because it was only allocated 1GB. You will probably need more memory if you are going to run manual scans. It doesn't look like there is a ways to reduce the memory usage, but you can always use a swap file.


Full Scan Of Root Filesystem To Log File

sudo clamscan \
  --suppress-ok-results \
  --recursive \
  --remove \
  --log=/var/log/clamav-scan.log \
  --cross-fs=no \
  • --cross-fs=no means that it won't scan other filesystems.
  • --remove means that infections will get automatically removed.

You may wish to use one of following instead of --remove.

  • --move=DIRECTORY - move infected files into DIRECTORY
  • --copy=DIRECTORY - copy infected files into DIRECTORY

Local Recursive Scan

Recursively scan the current directory, but don't bother printing out all the OKs.

clamscan \
  --suppress-ok-results \
  --recursive \


If you get the following message when running freshclam:

ERROR: /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log is locked by another process
ERROR: Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log).
ERROR: initialize: libfreshclam init failed.
ERROR: Initialization error!

Then run:

sudo systemctl stop clamav-freshclam.service
sudo freshclam


Last updated: 21st August 2020
First published: 30th July 2020