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Creating Gmail Aliases

Creating aliases for your email account can be extremely useful for things like testing, and spam filtering.

  • Emails that are sent to the alias will go to your account.
  • You can set up filters to automatically archive/delete emails that went to that address.
    • Good for when you are registering on sites that are likely to spam you.
  • Allows you to create multiple email-based accounts on sites without actually having to set up new email accounts.
    • This is particularly good for testing your own websites etc.
  • By creating a specific email alias for every site that you register for, you can figure out which sites are selling your email onto other sites that then spam you.


To set up a gmail alias, simply add a + followed by a name for your alias. For example if your email address was:

... then you could create any of the following aliases:
Last updated: 14th April 2019
First published: 14th October 2018