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Debian 7.x - Install PHP 5.6

Debian 7.8 will install PHP 5.3.3 by default. If you want to get version 5.6 which has performance improvements, or if you need the "readline" function to work, then you can use the Dotdeb packages to install version 5.6. Dotdeb is a repository containing packages to turn your Debian boxes into powerful, stable and up-to-date LAMP servers.


Add the Dotdeb main repositories

echo "deb wheezy all
deb-src wheezy all" | sudo tee -a $FILEPATH

Add the Dotdeb repos necessary for php 5.6 (threadsafe)

echo "deb wheezy-php56-zts all
deb-src wheezy-php56-zts all" | sudo tee -a $FILEPATH

Add the GPG key

sudo apt-key add dotdeb.gpg

Now update and install the packages you need.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install php5-cli -y
Last updated: 16th September 2021
First published: 16th August 2018