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Deploy WSO2 API Manager With Docker

The WSO2 API Manager is an open source (GitHub) set of tools that allows API developers to easily design, publish, and manage the lifecycle of APIs.


Run the following command to deploy the API manager.

docker run \
  --name api-manager \
  -p 8280:8280 \
  -p 8243:8243 \
  -p 9443:9443 \

Once that has run, you can access the services at
https://localhost:9443/{service-name}, where {service-name} is one of:

  • carbon
  • publisher
  • devportal

I find the publisher service to be the most helpful, and below is the initial page you see after logging in:

Default Login

The initial user is admin, with the password admin.


Last updated: 21st March 2022
First published: 21st March 2022