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Get Started with Satis Using Docker

In an effort to make my previous tutorial on how to set up a Satis server easier, I have created this tutorial aimed at docker users whereby you will only need to edit two small config files.

This tutorial may be out of date and needs reviewing. I just moved it from my old hosting platform to here. I know for sure that I need to add updates for git.


  • Log into your server.
  • Install docker if you haven't already.
  • Download the tar.gz file I created.

Extract the file

tar --extract --gzip --file satis-server.tar.gz

Edit the config file and put in your SVN details.

editor satis-server/config-volume/

Update the satis.json file with details of your packages.

editor satis-server/config-volume/satis.json

Build the container and run it

cd satis-server/docker-satis/docker-satis

Optional - Firewall

Satis should just be acting as a directory/pointer service and not actually hosting code of its own, so there should be no need to lock it off. (I need to double check this). However, if you wish to lock it off, I would suggest using an IP based firewall using iptables or UFW.

iptables -A INPUT -s -p tcp -j ACCEPT

Thats it! You now have a docker container running your Satis server.

Last updated: 16th August 2018
First published: 16th August 2018