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Get Microsoft Teams Running On Ubuntu

My workplace is switching to using Micro$oft Teams for communication :(. Luckily you can use either of the following two methods to get Teams running on LInux.

1. Flatpak

Run the chained commands below in order to install flatpak if you haven't got it already, and then use it to install the teams unofficial Flatpak.

sudo apt update \
  && sudo apt install flatpak \
  && flatpak install flathub com.github.IsmaelMartinez.teams_for_linux

2. "Native" Deb Package

You can download a deb package and install that from

Once downloaded, just install it with:

sudo dpkg -i teams_*.deb

3. Snap Package

Someone has made an unofficial "Teams for Linux" snappy package that you can install with:

sudo snap install teams-for-linux

Once installed, you can open it in the CLI by executing :

/snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux &

It really does look like the client does on windows, so for now it's panic over, and I can just keep ranting about how shit Microsoft's products and interfaces are.


If you wish to remove the snappy package then run:

sudo snap remove teams-for-linux


Initially when I started using the tool, I was using the command teams-for-linux to start it up. However after closing and trying to re-open the application, I noticed that it would no longer work. The solution was to use the /snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux & command to start it up.

Startup Error Message

I'm putting this here in case I need it later. When I first run teams-for-linux from the CLI, I get the following erroneous output:

Gtk-Message: 08:21:32.880: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
configPath = /home/stuart/snap/teams-for-linux/79/.config/teams-for-linux
Failed to get the config file, using default values
configFile = {}
Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: cannot use setting "default-url-scheme-handler": not allowed
processArgs [ '/snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux' ]

Additional Info

Here are some tutorials/help with using teams

Last updated: 2nd April 2024
First published: 14th November 2019