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Get Microsoft Teams Running On Ubuntu

My workplace is switching to using Micro$oft Teams for communication :(. Luckily you can use either of the following two methods to get Teams running on LInux.

1. "Native" Deb Package

You can download a deb package and install that from

Once downloaded, just install it with:

sudo dpkg -i teams_*.deb

2. Snap Package

Someone has made an unofficial "Teams for Linux" snappy package that you can install with:

sudo snap install teams-for-linux

Once installed, you can open it in the CLI by executing :

/snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux &

It really does look like the client does on windows, so for now it's panic over, and I can just keep ranting about how shit Microsoft's products and interfaces are.


If you wish to remove the snappy package then run:

sudo snap remove teams-for-linux


Initially when I started using the tool, I was using the command teams-for-linux to start it up. However after closing and trying to re-open the application, I noticed that it would no longer work. The solution was to use the /snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux & command to start it up.

Startup Error Message

I'm putting this here in case I need it later. When I first run teams-for-linux from the CLI, I get the following erroneous output:

Gtk-Message: 08:21:32.880: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
configPath = /home/stuart/snap/teams-for-linux/79/.config/teams-for-linux
Failed to get the config file, using default values
configFile = {}
Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: cannot use setting "default-url-scheme-handler": not allowed
processArgs [ '/snap/teams-for-linux/79/teams-for-linux' ]

Additional Info

Here are some tutorials/help with using teams

Last updated: 18th August 2020
First published: 14th November 2019