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Passbolt - Download Keys

If you wish to recover your Passbolt account, or set it up on another browser, you are going to need your private key. If one was careful during the initial setup, one will have downloaded the "recovery kit" which is these keys when prompted, but one can use the steps below to re-download them in case this was not done. Please be warned that one will still need to remember the passphrase to unlock the key though. One cannot recover the account without having both the private key, and the passphrase, or a passphrase-less key that you apply a new passphrase to.


Once logged in, click on your profile button in the top-left corner.

Click on Profile from the dropdown.

Click key inspector in the panel on the left, before then clicking on the button for Public or Priavate for each of the key types you wish to download. If you click on Private, you will be prompted to enter your passphrase again.

That's it! You have now downloaded your public/private keys from Passbolt.

Last updated: 24th February 2024
First published: 24th February 2024