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PDF Cheatsheet


As with all of my cheatsheets, this is just a dumping ground for as things come up.

Save Unlocked PDF

If you get a PDF that requires a password to unlock, you can use this command to save a version that won't need unlocking in future.

qpdf \
  --password=$PASSWORD \
  --decrypt $INPUT.pdf \

This requires having installed qpdf with sudo apt-get install qpdf.

Create A PDF From A Series Of Images

The following command will create a PDF document where all the images are the same width.

convert -quality 100% -resize 629 \
  "path/to/image.png" -resize 629 \
  "path/to/image2.png" -resize 629 \

If you want the images to not all be the same width, then remove the -resize 629. Also, all your images need to have the same DPI, otherwise it doesn't work.


Last updated: 11th June 2021
First published: 14th April 2019