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Performance benchmark of PHP runtimes From Dzmitry Kazbiarovich

Dzmitry Kazbiarovich has posted an interesting article titled Performance benchmark of PHP runtimes on I wanted to link off to the article so I don't forget about it, and to share the most interesting results that I saw, comparing FrankenPHP (worker mode)(1), vs Nginx unit (2), and "stock" PHP with FPM (2).

Requests Per Second

Average Response Time

I have not yet spent the time to reproduce the results, and someone has already posted some additional information in the comments about how the roadrunner benchmarks were made, but I find it interesting because it shows the performance of the new FrankenPHP I've heard about, as well as Nginx unit that I had not heard about until reading this (unfortunately I find that I'm often late to the game). The performance shown in this report definitely makes me think it's worth spending the time to become more familiar these two technologies.

Last updated: 22nd January 2024
First published: 22nd January 2024