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Preventing Tiny Boot Partitions

It has been annoying me some time now that all my KVM ubuntu and Debian guests were being installed with a roughly 200MB /boot partition. The ubuntu guests were filling this quite rapidly and if gone unnoticed can result in you being unable to boot your VM as the latest kernel will not have been installed correctly (ran out of space mid installation).

The reason for this is that my (now replaced) kickstart files used the default options for configuring the partitions. These files stated in the comments that it would create one single partition. However, an earlier configuration is responsible for deciding whether you want to use LVM or just a regular layout. Your boot files will not install to within an LVM partition, so the system will create a tiny /boot partition by default to resolve this.

Thus if you are making selections from menu layouts during installation, rather than manually configuration your partitions, if you don't want a tiny /boot partition, it is best to go for a "regular" (non-lvm) "Guided" layout.

Last updated: 11th August 2022
First published: 16th August 2018