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Sitemap Creation Tool - GlooMaps


I needed to create a sitemap the other day when I came across Gloomaps. It made creating a sitemap quick and easy with its intuitive interface. I guarantee that you would figure it out within seconds with no guidance.

By default, you get a matrix view of your pages as shown below.

Add Details

When you click on a box, you can change its name and fill in a description about that page.

Saving And Expiration

However, you won't be able to fill in the description/notes until you save. When you do save, you will be shown the following notice explaining that your Sitemap will only stick around for 14 days after it was last viewed

Change The View

Sometimes you may need to go for a veritical tree-view. You can switch to this by selecting "outline view" from the views tab.

Nested Pages

You can create any number of levels of nested pages by just hovering over the page you want to create a child of and clicking sub page as shown below.


When you have finished setting up your sitemap, you can export it in various formats. If you are using this for a sitemap on an actual website (for SEO), then you will need the XML format.

Last updated: 15th April 2021
First published: 15th April 2021