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Sunday 29th April - Java Game Develpment Progress

So I had an itch to do some Java development this weekend (hence a new Java cheatsheet went up), and I dug out one of my old projects and spruced it up. The result is below. It still needs quite a lot of work, but the top priorities are:

  • some buildings that you could enter (which would trigger a different map).
  • physics to prevent walking on water and through blocks.
  • basic multiplayer support with chat
  • combat with arrows and swords.
  • separation of the physics/gameloop thread and the rendering thread.
  • a proper map editor and to use that to build a much bigger/better map.

Challenges - Art

The real difficulties are that I am not an artist, and as soon as I need something a little extra, I need to hunt for a free spritesheet that has it. E.g. I can't do a death animation on the character with my current spritesheet, so I would have to hunt for a completely new one. If I make real progress, I will probably end up buying some.


Last updated: 16th August 2018
First published: 16th August 2018