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Things To Do After Installing Debian 8.0

Configure Mirror

If you installed from the CDs and did not set up the mirror, then you will need to configure debian to use a mirror for updates.

rm /etc/apt/sources.list
editor /etc/apt/sources.list

Fill the file with the following (taken from here):

deb jessie main
deb-src jessie main

deb jessie-updates main
deb-src jessie-updates main

deb jessie/updates main
deb-src jessie/updates main

Configure Sudo

Login as root and install sudo

apt-get install sudo

Now add your subuser to sudo users and use that user from now on.

adduser $MY_SUBUSER sudo


sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Disable root login

SEARCH="PermitRootLogin yes"
REPLACE="PermitRootLogin no"
sudo sed -i "s;$SEARCH;$REPLACE;" $FILEPATH

# Restart the openssh service for changes to take effect.
sudo service ssh restart

Install VIM

sudo apt-get install vim -y

Set VIM to be the default editor (crontab)

echo 'export EDITOR=vim' >> $HOME/.bashrc

Add ifconfig to your PATH.

echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/sbin"' >> $HOME/.bashrc

Install byobu

sudo apt-get install byobu -y

Close SSH Connections Cleanly

If you find that your SSH connections to the remote server do not exit cleanly when you reboot or shutdown the server, then follow this guide.

Last updated: 29th August 2018
First published: 16th August 2018