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Twitter - Create Developer Account

This tutorial will guide you through creating a Twitter developer account and your first project, in order to get some API keys so you can start integrating with the Twitter API.


Go to the developer portal and click apply for an account:

You will be shown a screen to select your type.

I selected Hobbyist > Exploring the API as that's what I am, and I'm pretty sure it won't try to immediately get me to sign up to pay for semething.

On this next screen, you will be prompted fo fill in a form, but even on a 1920 x 1080 display, you will need to zoom out to see it all because the bar at the bottom covers some required fields. This was a bit difficult to figure out. Piss-poor design.

Then you need to fill in a form about how you will use the twitter API....

You will be shown a summary of your application. Review before clicking Next.

Now you need to agree to the developer agreement.

Finally, at this point they will send you an email, in which you need to click the orange button to verify your email address.

You now have a developer portal account.

Create Our First App.

Chances are that you came here to get some authentication keys to start using the API, so we now need to create our first application.

Click Create Project on the dashboard

... or if you don't see that, click Projects & Apps and then Overview before clicking New Project.

Give a name for your project. This is your own name you can recognize it by:

Now select from the dropdown the option that best describes what your project is for. Exploring the API is a safe option if you are just trying this out.

Enter a description for the project.

Finally, we need to name our App. I thought this was a duplicate of the first step, but it looks like this is a global name that needs to be unique across everyone else's app names too.

Finally we are given our keys.

Last updated: 27th February 2021
First published: 27th February 2021