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Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Discord Client


Run the following command to download and install Discord using a traditional deb package file.

sudo apt update \
  && sudo apt install -y gdebi-core wget \
  && wget -O ~/discord.deb "" \
  && sudo gdebi ~/discord.deb

This will automatically download the latest version.

Snap Installation

There is a far simpler way to install through snaps (below)

sudo snap install discord

I would not recommend this method, as this led me to having issues uploading/posting images.

Manually Adding Icon

Your theme may not have the Discord icon, in which case you may need to manually download and add it. I found the icon downloadable on

Then I just had to give it the appropriate name, and move it to the appropriate theme icon folder:

sudo mv -i discord1.svg /usr/share/icons/Arc/panel/22/.


Last updated: 4th July 2023
First published: 28th June 2021