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Ubuntu 20.04 - Install Recommended Nvidia Graphics From PPA


First remove any nvidia packages you might have had laying around

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*

Add the repository to your repo list

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

And update

sudo apt-get update

Then enter the following

ubuntu-drivers devices

in terminal which gives the following output:

== /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.1/0000:07:00.0 ==
modalias : pci:v000010DEd00001288sv00001043sd000084F2bc03sc00i00
vendor   : NVIDIA Corporation
model    : GK208B [GeForce GT 720]
manual_install: True
driver   : nvidia-driver-450 - third-party free recommended
driver   : nvidia-340 - distro non-free
driver   : nvidia-driver-390 - distro non-free
driver   : nvidia-driver-418-server - distro non-free
driver   : nvidia-driver-440-server - distro non-free
driver   : nvidia-driver-440 - distro non-free
driver   : nvidia-driver-435 - distro non-free
driver   : xserver-xorg-video-nouveau - distro free builtin

Now one may take the recommended driver from the list and installs it by

sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-415


Last updated: 29th August 2023
First published: 5th September 2020