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Vivaldi - A Better Browser

Whilst looking for an alternative browser because:

... I discovered Vivaldi. It's based on the blink engine, like chrome, chromium, and Opera. It supports MRU tabs with the Ctrl-Tab shortcut right out of the box and passes my middle-click-every-link-in-Amazon performance test (which Firefox fails on abysmally). Best of all, you can install all of the same chrome extensions using the same chrome store. The only downside is that it ships with Bing being the default search engine instead of Google, or even DuckDuckGo. That's easy enough to fix though.


Debian based users (such as Ubuntu), can install version 1.8.770 with the script below:

Alternatively, you can copy/paste/execute the script manually:


# Create a temporary directory and navigate to it
DIR=`mktemp -d`
cd $DIR

# Download and install the vivaldi browser.
sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-stable_*.deb
Last updated: 16th August 2018
First published: 16th August 2018