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XFCE - Slow Desktop (Compositing)

A while ago, I turned off display compositing in Xubuntu to see if it would improve the terrible framerate when interacting with my triple monitor desktop. I was tired of seeing jerky behaviour when resizing or moving windows. The performance difference this has caused is immense, and I will never go back.

Turn Off Display Compositing

Go to window manager -> tweaks. Turn off display compositing.

Microsoft Teams Fix

If you disable compositing, then Microsoft Teams will show a black screen when you share your desktop. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

What is Compositing

After realizing how much compositing had been killing my desktop, I wanted to know what it was exactly.

This video on youtube does a good job of explaining what it is:

Xubuntu - Switching To Compton

If you have to have compositing, but you want a better compositor, this video shows how to switch to compton, and no, it's not from me.


Last updated: 5th September 2020
First published: 21st August 2020