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LibreOffice Calc - Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting make your spreadhseets easier to understand, and quickly highlight important pieces of information. I wanted to apply formatting rules to my budget spreadsheet so that all of the transactions where I'm spending money are highlighted in red, and all the transactions where I'm being paid are highlighted in green.


Navigate to Format > Conditional > Condition...

A dialogue box will appear. In this scenario, we wish to show that all positive incoming monies are highlighted in green, and all money going out is highlighted in red. Thus we will start by setting if Cell value is greater than 0, we wish to apply the Good style, which will highlight the value in green.

Next, we click the Add button to add a rule, and add a condition for if a Cell value is less than 0, apply the Bad style, which will highlight the values in red.

After doing this, all the positive values are shown in green, and all the negative values are shown in red.

Last updated: 21st August 2021
First published: 21st August 2021