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Configure Email (SMTP) For Seafile Deployed Through Docker

Configure SMTP when using Docker for deploying Seafile.

Deploy Seafile Server Through Docker

A tutorial on how to deploy your own Seafile server using Docker.

Debian 8 - Install Seafile Server 6.x

Set up a Seafile server on Debian 8 (wheezy).

Debian 9 - Seafile Causing Sound To Not Work

If your sound stops working, and you're using Seafile, read this.

Debian 9 - Install Seafile Client

Install the Seafile client GUI on Debian 9

Seafile Garbage Collection

Why you may want to run the garbage collection process, and how to run it.

Seafile And Symlinks

Symlinks probably don't behave as you might expect in Seafile. Be warned!

Ubuntu - Install Seafile Client

Install the Seafile client in Ubuntu

Configure Seafile To Send Emails Through Gmail

Seafile Server 5.1 Upgrade - Sublibraries Dropped But Shared Subfolders Still Work

Repairing Seafile

A general guide for fixing issues with Seafile if things go wrong.

Configure Seafile With SES SMTP

Debian 7 - Install Seafile Server 4.x