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Acme PHP - Installation

ACME PHP is a tool that makes it easy to generate SSL certificates from the CLI, rather than having to using your web browser.

This tutorial is the first in a series for using the tool. This post will step you through installation.


Create a directory wherever you want to install the tool. Navigate to within there and run:


To test that everything went successfully, run:

php acmephp.phar --version

... which should output:

Acme PHP - Let's Encrypt client 1.0.0-beta4

All future calls to php acmephp.phar will need to be run from within this directory.

Setting Up An Alias

To prevent myself from having to go to that directory and typing php acmephp.phar every time, I set up an alias in my .bashrc file as shown below:

alias acmephp="$CMDS_DIR/acmephp/acmephp.phar"

Now I can just use the acmephp command from the CLI from any folder. Obviously your folder path needs to reflect where you stuck downloaded the files to.

Displaying Help

If you ever need help with this tool use the commands:

php acmephp.phar

... or:

php acmephp.phar --help

I find the first one more helpful.


Now that we have installed the tool, we need start off by using it to register with LetsEncrypt.


Last updated: 20th May 2020
First published: 16th August 2018