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Favourite Fonts

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Monospace Fonts

Here is a list of monospace fonts in there that I could find (in no particular order).

  • Roboto Mono - Great small font for Netbeans in Bold
  • Overpass Mono - Great size 12 font for Netbeans in SemiBold
  • Noto Sans Mono Bold - A good terminal font.
  • Ubuntu Mono - Best small bold font in ubuntu terminal
  • Source Code Pro Semibold - great font for sublime
  • IBM plex mono (Install)
  • Fira Mono (Install)
  • Inconsolata
  • Space Mono
  • Cutive Mono
  • Oxygen Mono
  • PT Mono (Install)
  • Anonymous Pro
  • Cousine
  • Droid Sans Mono
  • nanum Gothic Coding
  • nova mono
  • share tech mono
  • VT323
  • press start 2p - definitely just for games

Nice Non-monospace Fonts

Here are some fonts that aren't monospace, but I felt were worth remembering and looking at:

  • Arvo


Last updated: 8th October 2023
First published: 8th October 2023