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Office365 - Receive Events In iCAL Format

Configure Office365 to send you events in iCalendar format.

Configure How Thunderbird Opens A Web Browser

Configure how Thunderbird opens a browser when you click a link.

Thunderbird - Ask For Read Receipt

Learn how to get Thunderbird to request a return receipt on an email.

Thunderbird - Disable Hardware Acceleration

Learn how to disable hardware acceleration in Thunderbird in order to possibly resolve rendering issues/responsiveness.

Connecting Thunderbird To Office 365 When Using 2FA / MFA

Learn how to connect Thunderbird to Office 365, once you have enabled 2FA in office 365.

Thunderbird - Use Different Profiles

Learn how to use different profiles in Thunderbird. This allows you to easily separate your "work" email accounts from your "personal" email account etc.

Thunderbird - FIx Graphics in Subject

Fix graphics appearing in the subject line in Thunderbird

Thunderbird - Remove Saved Passwords

Remove stored passwords from Thunderbird.

Thunderbird - Fix Office365 Folders Not Syncing

Ubuntu - Install GPG 2

Thunderbird - Stop Opening Next Message

Fix Thunderbird Send Mail Issue