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Deploy Your Own Bitbucket Runner

Learn how to deploy your own runner for executing pipelines in Bitbucket.

Bitbucket - Add Deployment Variables

Learn about deployment variables and how to create them in Bitbucket.

Bitbucket Pipeline Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for Bitbucket pipelines.

Create A GitHub Deploy Key

Create a GitHub deploy key in order to give your pipelines restricted access to just one project.

Jenkins - Storing Passwords, Secrets, and Credentials

Learn how to store secrets / credentials in Jenkins.

Jenkins - Admin Reset Password

Reset your password in Jenkins through the CLI.

Lecture - Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial

A timestamped video tutorial on Jenkins pipelines.

Creating A Basic Jenkins Pipeline

An tutorial/example to get you started of using Jenkins for a CI/CD pipeline when you use GitLab flow.

Gitlab Pipeline - Environment Builds

Have a single set of "build" and "deploy" steps in your pipeline, but run different actions based on your environment.

GitLab - Create A Project Access Token

Learn how to create a token that grants limited access to a specific project.

GitLab - Create A Personal Access Token

Generate a personal access token that will grant a service the ability to perform certain actions as if they were you.

Composer Install From Private Repository In a Privately Hosted GitLab Server Using GitLab Tokens

Learn how to install packages hosted on a private Gitlab server using Composer and GitLab tokens. This is primarily useful for those setting up CI/CD pipelines with private PHP packages.

A Really Basic GitLab Pipeline To Build And Deploy A Docker Image

A simple CI/CD pipeline that will get you something simple/basic in place that you can the "build" (pun intended) upon. This way there isn't a steep learning curve.

Lecture - CI/CD on AWS with CodePipeline and Terraform

A timestamped video walkthrough from "Davo'clock" on creating a CI/CD Pipeline to maintain and update AWS infrastructure with Terraform.

GitLab - Add A Pipeline Variable

Set variables for your CI/CD pipelines in GitLab.

Gitlab - Disable Automatic DevOps Pipelines

Disable the "Auto DevOps" on new projects in Gitalb

Deploy Docker Container on AWS Quickly Using Cloud Init

Quickly deploy a docker container on AWS using cloud-init.

Deploy Gitlab Runner With Docker

Deploy a Gitlab runner to unlock CI/CD capabilities in Gitlab.

Deploy Jenkins With Docker

Deploy Jenkins with Docker.

Debian 8 - Install Jenkins